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Download Apps Tor Browser for Android – Super secure Tor Browser for Android

Download Apps: Tor Browser for Android – Super secure Tor Browser for Android

  • Publisher: Tor Project
  • Version: 60.2.0
  • Usage: Free
  • Requirements: Android 4.1 and above
Tor Browser for Android
Tor Browser for Android

Tor Browser for Android is the official mobile browser powered by Tor Project, the world’s most powerful developer of online privacy tools.

* Tor Browser is a leading web browser for ensuring anonymity and protecting user privacy while online. The browser is now available for Android, but is still in beta. Therefore, you may encounter some errors during use.

* Basically, the Tor Browser for Android brings the same experience as using Tor on a computer. The principle behind the operation is to save your Internet access data through a vast network of volunteer servers around the world. The IP address of the user is absolutely secure.

* With high security, Tor Browser is a browser commonly used by hackers, reporters, activists and criminals of the underworld. You can even use Tor to access the dark web safely.

* On the positive side, Tor Browser protects user privacy better than any security software on the market. So, if you want your identity to be absolutely secure on the Internet, download the free Tor Browser to your Android phone now!

* Highlights of Tor Browser for Android

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– Prevent trackers

Tor Browser separates each site you visit so that third-party tracking and adverts can not “follow” when you move from one site to another. All cookies are automatically deleted when you are finished browsing.

– Avoid being monitored

The Browser Browser prevents others from seeing your connection and knows what site you visit. All they see is you are using Tor.

– Do not leave the mark of each person

Tor set the goal of making all users look the same when browsing the web, making it difficult to distinguish individual browser and device information.

– Multilayer encryption

When using Tor Browser for Android, your traffic is forwarded and encrypted 3 times as it goes through the Tor network. This network includes thousands of servers called Tor relay.

– Into the blocked sites

With the Tor browser, you can easily access any site that is blocked or restricted area.

– About the Tor Project developer

Tor Project is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization dedicated to the development of free, open source software aimed at protecting the privacy and freedom of the online user, protecting people from the monitored, monitored and censored on the Internet. Tor Project’s mission is to promote human rights and freedoms by creating and deploying free and anonymous open source technologies.

Download Browser for Android:

You can download this apps on CHPlay with keyword: Tor Browser

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