Download USB driver and tools for LG phone all models

When you want to connect the LG phone to your computer, you will need to install the driver for it.

In this article, we share the download link for you

Click the direct link below to get the Download LG Driver all models.

howto install driver:

step 1: download and extract the drive on your PC

step 2: open device manager and click on add the legacy hardware menu

step 3: click Next

step 4: select install the hardware that manually select from a list

step 5: locate the extracted driver manually on your PC

step 6: click add

step 7 : your driver will be install add listed in the device manager.

Keep in mid:

  1. the above drivers are officially provided by LG mobile inc. if in case any of the above driver did not work for you then you can complain to LG mobile inc officially.
  2. with the help of above drivers you can easily connect your LG smartphone and tablets to the windows PC.
  3. if you are looking for the original stock firmware then head over to the LG firmware page.
  4. if you are looking for any specific driver that is not listed on this site, then you can request it for me.

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