Howto Flash firmware Oppo Phones all devices

Guide flash firmware for oppo all models.

tools for installation:

Download driver for Oppo

Download the firmware for your device


  • download the correct version of the device, if wrong machine will be brick
  • Save all your important data
  • The battery of the device must remain above 50%

methods of implementation

  • method one :¬†Installed by recover:

Step 1: Copy the firmware file you just downloaded to the memory card of the device

Step 2: Turn off the device

Step 3: Press: + Volum Down

Step 4: The recovery screen appears, select a language.

Step 5: Continue, select wipe data / factory reset to erase old data.

Step 6: After deletion – select “install form SD”. (use volum up + down to choose)

Step 7: Choose the firmware file you just coppy in step 1.

Wait a few moments and then select “reboot”.


  • method two :¬†Installed by SPFlash tools:

Step 1: Start SPFlash tools.

Step 2: In the SPflash tools interface, select scarter-loading.

Step 3: browse to your firmware folder, select file: MT65XX_Android_scartter.txt

Step 4: Click Download button on SPflash tools.

Step 5: Turn off your device, press + hold the volume down key and plug in the USB cable.

Step 6: Wait for Flash tools to run, depending on the size of the firmware that takes about 5-15 minutes

When Flash tools run 100% successful.

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