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Howto Unbrick OPPO Uses Qualcomm chip

Guide Unbrick OPPO using Qualcomm chips

If one day your machine can not get into recovery, be fastboot intercurrent, hang boot logo, press the power button is not static …, if you want to manually fix the error on the instructions Below, do not bring the nearest phone shop for support.

+ This is a general guide, all OPPO machines using Qualcomm chip are made in this way, only Tool-Rom is the right machine.
+ When running this tool all data stored on the phone will be lost.
+ I do not take any risk or damage during the flash rom, because you have to know yourself what you are doing.

+ Download Tool – Rom – Driver is free on this site or on google or buy money

+ Convert Win7 through “Test Mode”, Win other then google search.

Open the CMD and run with admin rights, then get the following deviation and enter: bcdedit / set testsigning on
Restart the machine, if the following picture is ok:

+ Install driver if not available

* Step by Step Unbrick OPPO uses Qualcomm chip :

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Open Msm8974DownloadTool.exe running with the right “run as admin” ….

Then click on Start

Remove the battery and then re-insert the battery, then hold one hand vol + (volume up), and plug the usb cable into the phone, then on the tool appears blue line, keep the button still vol + for blue lines run 4 to 5 times then let go volum + button

Wait until there is a green USB key to finish unbrick

If a crash or something happens during the run, check that the Tool-Rom is correct for your machine, or check the hardware.

Reboot: Press the power button for 15 to 30 seconds to activate, press until it vibrates.

Once you have power on the system go to settings -> storage -> phone memory format -> restart phone.

Want more ok then up rom zip again for sure.


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