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KingRoot App (KingRoot.apk) for Android Smartphone

Download KingRoot App (KingRoot.apk) for Android Smartphone all version.

KingRoot is an Android application, which is primarily built for the purpose of rooting your smartphone. This powerful rooting application is built by KingRoot studio and it is available for free. If you are looking to download KingRoot application so that you can root your Android smartphone or tablet.

Select your version and download the link below:

KingRoot v5.3.2.apk – Latest Version

KingRoot v5.3.1

KingRoot v5.3.0

KingRoot v5.2.2

KingRoot v5.2.1

KingRoot v5.2.0

KingRoot v5.1.2

KingRoot v5.1.0

KingRoot v5.0.6

KingRoot v5.0.5

KingRoot v5.0.4

KingRoot v5.0.3

KingRoot v5.0.2

KingRoot v5.0.1

KingRoot v5.0.0

KingRoot v4.9.7

KingRoot v4.9.6

KingRoot v4.9.5

KingRoot v4.9.3

KingRoot v4.9.2

KingRoot v4.9.0

KingRoot v4.8.5

KingRoot v4.8.2

KingRoot v4.8.0

KingRoot v4.6.5

KingRoot v4.6.0

KingRoot v4.5.2

KingRoot v4.5.0

KingRoot v4.1.0

KingRoot v4.0.1

Using KingRoot application to root your smartphone is quite an easy task. Just install the application on your Android device, open it, click on the root button to root your device. If you are still not sure how to do it, follow our guide to root any Android device using Kingroot App.

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