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Manual loading rom, unbrick machine Huawei

Manual loading rom, unbrick machine Huawei

I. Note before loading rom:

– Software version: The current rom version of the machine must be lower than the rom version you intend to upgrade.

– Do not try to load optimized roms / cooks for other countries, otherwise there will be errors.

– hardware version: do not use the rom version of this machine loaded for another machine.

– Backup the machine data before proceeding to load rom.

II. Prepare :

1. Download and extract the original Huawei rom that you need to load.

2. Prepare a microSD card: In the root directory of the memory card, create a directory called dload

3. Copy the file “UPDATE.APP” in the rom folder you unzipped to the directory you just created on the memory card: Sdcard / dload / ….

4. Insert a memory card into your phone

Currently there are 2 ways to load rom for Huawei:

Method 1: temporarily called the “Software Upgrade” method, this way for the machine to enter the main screen:

1. Go to the home screen -> select [Settings] -> select [phone upgrade] -> select [System Software Update].

2. Click [local] Upgrade -> [OK] -> [upgrade].

3. Click [Backup data], back up your data to the microSD card. If you do not want to back up your data, you can skip this step -> click [OK].

4. Click [upgrade]. The phone will reboot and will go to the upgrade screen and start the software upgrade. The upgrade process takes about 3 minutes. As the phone is upgrading, do not take the battery out of the phone, do not take the memory card, generally do not affect the phone and just wait and wait.

Note: some Huawei phones, you upgrade to the following steps: Select Settings on the Huawei phone -> About Phone -> System Update -> Local Update

Method 2: temporarily called the method “Card Update”, this way for the machine is no longer into the main screen, logo hanging machine, the machine repeatedly restart:

1. Turn off the power

2. Press and hold 3 buttons: volume up, volume down, and power button for 5 ~ 8 seconds until the rom upgrade process starts.

3. The rom upgrade process takes about 5 ~ 10 minutes to complete:

4. After the upgrade process is complete, the phone will automatically restart


Added tool Rom for Huawei machine

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Huawei Multi-Upgrade Software: Huawei rom software loaded

1. Connect your Huawei phone to your PC via a USB cable.
– QUALCOMM chipset press the following code: * # * # 2846579159 # * # * or * # * # 2846579 # * # *
– The MTK chipset press the following code: * # * # 1673495 # * # * or * # * # 3646633 # * # *
– HiSilicon chipset, press the following code: * # * # 2846579159 # * # * or * # * # 2846579 # * # *

2. Select “Engineering menu”: ProjectMenu -> Background setting -> USB Ports setting -> Manufacture mode -> Ok.

3. Download and extract the following files: Download: Huawei-Update-MultiLoader-Tool-

4. Go to the directory extracted, run “Huawei-Update-MultiLoader-Tool-”

5. Enter password: Huawei -> Press OK to continue

6. Select update.app & configuration file Android-Phone-Multi-Upgrade-Config-PCUI.xml (shown below for illustration only)

7. Click “Next” to continue.

8. Click “Scan & Download”.

9. Wait until rom’s loading is complete.

10. After loading rom, then you remember to reset full machine.

– Configuration file for each type of chipset in the file of the loader program.
– You must select the correct file with the chipset of the Huawei phone you are using.

Typically, load through recovery:
For example:
Huawei G630
etc …

For example:
Huawei P2
Huawei P6
Huawei Honor 2
Huawei Honor 3
Huawei MediaPad 10 FHD
etc …

For example:
Huawei Y200
Huawei G300
Huawei G600
Huawei U8650
Huawei Y300
etc …

Windows Mobile:
For example:
Huawei W1
Huawei W1
etc …


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