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Prey for Android – Anti-theft application on Android

Introducing Apps: Prey for Android – Anti-theft application on Android

Publisher: Fork
Usage: Free
Requirements: Android 2.3 and above

* Prey is one of the most comprehensive anti-theft applications today. It allows you to monitor and locate your stolen or lost phone, tablet. Locate and find devices with location and other features. This application is completely free and users can simultaneously protect 3 devices with the same account.

* Why use Prey for Android?

– Search the phone on the map for location by GPS and Wifi.

– Take pictures with the camera before and after.

– Lock your phone from any intruders.

– Is emitting a warning sound even when the phone is in silent mode.

– Display message on phone screen.

– Gather the network information the device is connected to (for more accurate location tracking).

* Prey also improved mobile security through:

– Detect SIM card change.

– Security guards.

– Activate the message with any phone and receive the report immediately.

* If you want more security and more device management can upgrade to Prey Pro account.

Some features will get added when upgrading:

  • – Track unlimited devices.
  • – The report provides complete management information.
  • – All outgoing messages are encrypted with the SSL standard.
  • – Activation Mode: Allows users to view their device when they last checked in.
  • – Store 100 reports per device.
  • – Email support to help users when needed.

* Key features of anti-theft application Prey for Android

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– Positioning location: Prey uses the device’s GPS or nearest wifi hotspot to determine location. Therefore, the results are very accurate.

– Automatically connect Wifi: When activated, Prey will automatically search for the nearest Wifi point when no Internet connection is found.

– Compact: Prey is less dependent and does not even leave traces on the device until it is activated.

Know thieves: Take a photo of a thief with your laptop webcam so you can see what he looks like and where he is now. A very strong evidence.

– Track migration: Get screenshots of activities. If you’re lucky, you’ll get it when you log into your email address or Facebook account.

– Keep your data safe: Hide Outlook or Thunderbird data and optionally remove your saved passwords. As a result, no one will be able to view your data.

– Prevent unauthorized access: Lock the machine completely, no one can access without the correct password.

– Hard Disk Scanning: Get complete information about CPU, motherboard, RAM and BIOS. Works great when used with Active mode.

– Automatic Updates: Prey can check the current version and automatically update the version. So users do not have to re-install after each time.

Download Apps:

You can download this App on Google store with keyword: Prey for Android

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