Howto flash stock firmware Oppo F1

guide flash firmware for oppo F1

In this post, we will guide you run genuine Oppo F1 when the status of logo or root failure.
+This is the latest version of Oppo F1

* Important note:
+ When you do, you should prepare a good cable.
+ over 90% rechargeable battery to ensure the machine does not lose power.
+ when running rom absolutely do not unplug the cable if installing rom.

Step by step:

step 1: on your computer:

Download the firmware for Oppo F1

step 2: coppy firmware to the root of the device

step 3: On the phone, power off -> Press and hold both volume down keys and power until the machine shows 3 lines of text. Please select English.

step 4: To run the new version of rom, I should reset the machine once by selecting the wipe data and cache.

Step 5: Here, choose wipe data and cache again to confirm delete data.

Step 6: After returning to the first screen, select the install form stogare device. Here, I chose to copy rom in the above step to run rom.

Step 7: Press ok to confirm the upgrade.

Step 8: The machine will switch to rom running interface. Wait about 3 minutes to complete this upgrade.

This step has completed the original rom for Oppo F1.

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