How to flash stock firmware for Android smartphone

How to flash stock firmware for Android smartphone

While using your phone, there will be times when your device generates errors
Common errors :

  1. When your device screen only shows logo after boot.
  2. When your device reboots.
  3. When your device is hanging.
  4. when your device runs slow.
  5. When your device not working properly.
  6. When you want to back Update your device.
  7. …. and etc

At this point, you need to reinstall the original ROM for the device.

There are many ways, here, we will show you 6 most popular ways, most used by users.

I. Download:

1. Download and install USB Driver for smartphone

You can download in here

2. Download stock firmware on your PC

You can find and download stock firmware for your device in this site (

II. Methods install rom for android smartphone:

Methods 1: if your Rom is: Scatter file – We are used Spflash tools software

Methods 2: We are used SP-MDT tools software

Methods 3: If your Rom is: patch0.xml  – We are used QPST tools software

Methods 4: If your Rom is: BIN file –  We are used Piranha box

Methods 5: If your Rom is: .Pac file –  We are used ResearchUpgrade tools ( SPD) software

Methods 6: If your Rom is: (.mbn) file (Chip Qualcomm) –  We are used QFIL software

Methods 7: How to use Miracle Box to flash SPD & MTK ( Mira) Feature phones

Methods 8: Howto use RockChip Batch Tool (RC)

  • Follow Detailed Guidelines

Methods 9: How To Use YGDP Tool – Flash ( CPB ) firmware

Methods 10: How to Use Phoenixsuit Tool ( PS )– Flash firmware

Methods 11: How to use the Broadcom Multidownloader Tool ( BC )– Flash firmware


Keep in mind that prior to flash check out the battery time. It should be 50-60% charged.

Backup your device data including personal data before flashing or installing firmware on your device.

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